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About me:

My Name is Jeff Hatton, I am a 3D Artist from the UK and currently living in Zagreb, Croatia.

I have over 8 years experience within the games industry working on a variety of projects. Recently I moved country to begin working for LionGameLion on an unannounced project as a technical artist within a very small team, as i wanted to understand and experience the workings of a smaller indie style games company where I could really get involved and compare with my extensive experience within a large organisation.
Whilst there I have been using the Unreal Engine working on various areas including weapon and character customisers, blueprint setups, animation setups and pipeline systems throughout the concept and pre-production phases.
Previously, I had been working for over 7 years as a Senior Technical LEGO Model artist at the BAFTA winning studio Tt Games in Manchester, UK.

My experience developing AAA games mainly lies within the art sides of modelling and texturing, particularly anything hard-surfaced. Lately my skillset has been expanding into the more technical side of 3D art, within Unreal Engine creating various customiser systems for weapons, characters and other related tasks.
I strongly value providing and documenting scripts and basic tools within the teams, of which I'm always eager to learn and share any knowledge I have.

- Involvement in the development of over 14 AAA shipped releases + DLCs
- Strong working knowledge of various tools for the creation of entire videogame asset pipeline
     o Including design, modelling, texturing, rigging, optimisation, ingame setup and rendering
- Working knowledge of basic scripting to aid the workflow and pipelines
- Stong experience managing teams and use of sprint / repro software
- Multiplatform console releases
     o PC, PS4, XBOX, WiiU, PS3, 360, Wii

Apart from creating digital art, my interests mainly lie in music. I am an avid listener and collector of all kinds of music, more recently producing my own. I love travelling, learning about different cultures, language and food whilst exploring. Additionally, I also enjoy playing airsoft and video games in my spare time.

You can find my full CV and more, on my Resume page.