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About me:

My Name is Jeff Hatton, I am an Art Production Director currently living in Oslo, Norway.

I have over 12 years experience within the games industry working on a variety of projects. Currently I am the Art Production Director at Funcom working on the DUNE: Awakening openworld survival project.
At Funcom, I started as a Lead Artist within a very small team for the very initial pre-production of the DUNE project where we begain to build the foundation, setup our pipelines and grow the project larger as it progressed. As a lead artist I worked very closely with a mixed group of artists on the team from all areas in concept, environment, technical and more - both as an art lead and line manager.
I have had a wide range of experience and responsibilities in the role at Funcom, working closely with the art direction and the art teams, including personel management of up to 16 people, recruitment for the art team of the project starting at 5 to over 400, multi studio development including co-dev partners, freelancers and outsourcing, product owner for the environments, producer for the technical art and pipeline teams
As we grew much larger, my broader Art Lead responsibilities became offset by the introduction of key art deparmental leads and I began to work on a more director level role. Additionally, my roles had become much more on the side of production and I was promoted to be the Art Production Director for the project.

Previously, I had been working for over 7 years as a Senior Technical LEGO Model artist at the BAFTA winning studio Tt Games in Manchester, UK and had spent over a year at Lion Game Lion in Croatia working on a unannounced Unreal Engine pre-production project.

I have a strong 'can-do' attitude and I'm not afraid to get stuck in with something outside of my comfort zone to help ensure a projects success.

- Involvement in the development of over 14 shipped releases + DLCs.
     o Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production experience.
- Core knowledge of the whole project production pipeline.
     o Experience with recruitment, multi-Studio development, external partners, freelance & outsourcing support.
- Stong experience managing teams and production methodologies.
     o CPSO, CAL-E certified.
- Strong working knowledge of various tools for the creation of entire videogame production pipeline.
     o Including modelling, texturing, animation, rigging, engine, performance & optimisation.
- Working knowledge of basic scripting to aid the workflow and pipelines.
     o Mel, Python
- Multiplatform console releases.
     o PC, PS4, XBOX, WiiU, PS3, 360, Wii.

Apart from building games, my interests outside of work invlolve a lot of hiking, fishing and camping with my dog, a keen interest and collector of electronic and house vinyl, bedroom dj and dabble with home networking and music hardware.

You can find my full CV and more, on my Resume page.