Jeff Hatton :: Portfolio :: LEGO Batman 3

Formats: PC, PS4, XBONE, PS3, 360, WiiU

My Role: Senior LEGO Model Technical Artist
Software used: Autodesk Maya + MEL script, Adobe Photoshop, Xnormal, Maxwell, Inhouse tools and engine

Description of roles and tasks:
Moving into a Senior role before the start of this project meant that I took on a bigger responsibility of becoming a go-to source of answers within our rapidly expanding team. I also became much more involved with the tech and pipelines, working with multiple departments for example having an involvement with the overhaul of the vehicle system that was happening at the time providing testing and feedback.

Main Responsibilities:
- LEGO vehicles and props modelled, optimised and set-up ingame
- Cross-departmental work to improve and develop tools and pipelines
- Team mentoring and tuition, including task creation and delegation
- MEL scripting to optimise in-team workflows
- Decal and texture creation
- Cutscene LEGO prop creation
- Bugfixing