Jeff Hatton :: Portfolio :: LEGO Dimensions

Formats: PC, PS4, XBONE, PS3, 360, WiiU

My Role: Senior LEGO Model Technical Artist
Software used: Autodesk Maya + MEL script, Adobe Photoshop, Xnormal, Maxwell, Inhouse tools and engine

Description of roles and tasks:
LEGO dimensions is a vast project, consisting of a variety of loads of different IP's which is a challenging but fun experience. I have worked across the majority of IP's, levels and cutscenes. My main role during the dimensions project was tasked with the challenges faced with a new type of vehicle called Tag Items, the digital vehicle representation for the toy-to-life products. These had far more complicated setups than we were used to due to a variety of new mechanics we had never implemented before. I had a strong involvement in the development for these, involving planning and documenting the teams setup process, with simple mel scripts to aid the workflow of teammates, also liaising with multiple departments such as programming and design.
I also continued to output more high quality content into the game too, working on the LEGO Joker Robot, the LEGO staypuft character, the level art for two levels in game that were comprised entirely of LEGO surfaces, amongst a wide variety of other objects and vehicles ingame. Part of my increased responsibilities in the senior role are ensuring tasks are organised, correctly setup and handed out to team members with sufficient information. During this I have gained considerably strong knowledge of bug management systems.

Main Responsibilities:
- Tag Item workflow and setup, scripts to aid work and documentation throughout
- 3D work for various large characters such as LEGO Staypuft Model design by Alexander Jones
- Creating LEGO environment level art for multiple levels
- LEGO vehicles and props modelled, optimised and set-up ingame
- Providing feedback working closely with tools teams
- Team mentoring and tuition, being a 'point of contact'
- Scripting to improve in-team workflows and pipline

Examples of my work:

  LEGO Joker Robot Boss LEGO Model Design by Carl Greatrix
     The Joker Robot was one of the main bosses during the gameplay storyline for both LEGO dimensions, and also LEGO Batman 2, where it was originally
     featured. I completed all of the modelling, texturing and setup for this character, based off a design by the LEGO artist.
         - Modelling
         - Texturing

  LEGO Staypuft Boss LEGO Model Design by Alexander Jones
     Large scale LEGO boss character that I created, this time for the Ghostbusters DLC pack. This character was featured in cutscenes and ingame, so had
     multiple face swap expressions, plus various stages of visual burning damage. I again was responsible for all of the modelling, texturing and ingame
     setup work for this character.
         - Modelling
         - Texturing

  LEGO Vortech Palace level art
     Vorton Palace was LEGO style level art completed for the Dimensions project. It is the self-building palace of the main villian ‘Lord Vorton’. This level was
     featured in two levels of the game in it’s two different forms: ‘Foundation Prime’ and ‘Final Dimension’. I was responsible for the modelling, texturing and
     ingame setup, working with multiple other departments in the process.
         - Modelling
         - Texturing

  LEGO Dimensions tag items
     A compilation of all the aforementioned 'tagitem' vehicles. Responsibility is shared across the entire team for the creation and ingame setup of these
     these vehicles, working alongside multiple other departments.
     Personally, I was particularly responsible for the development, planning and workflow of the customisation systems, along with some MEL scripting of
     tools for the team to aid the development.

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